UP Coming Dance                                                                                                                                                 

JULy 22nd

Do Not miss this Exciting Event

Kevin & Pat Whiteley


Full Moon West Coast Swing Dance this Saturday!
Hope you're all enjoying this fantastic weather.

Bringing you the finest in dance entertainment. 
You'll get plenty of fun dancing in w/ all the great dancers that have been attending!

**Intermediate WCS Lesson 
Great New Pattern every time User friendly and lots of fun!!  

Kevin   Int Lesson   $5    7-8 pm Just a great time!!

**Beginning WCS Lesson:    $5    Pat   7-8pm
 You can expect to become a better dancer for sure! 
Up the level of your basics in West Coast Swing!

Dance $7    8-11pm...or Later!! Gotta DANCE!!
Package Deal: Lesson & Dance $10

DJ S Felderman will be playing the No-Miss Hits, from Blues, Motown, Funk, Oldies & Contemporary WCS. Finely selected sets of "upbeat", & "playful" songs of our favorites! Songs that work FUN on our dance floor!! We also blend in some Nightclub 2 Step and Country 2 Step.
As Always, Festive Spirits are welcome! **BYOB** is OK :-)
Sure hope to see you there!!! 

Please share this with anyone you know that might be interested!! Thank You!!

West Coast Swing  dance       8-11pm      $7   

Package deal:    Lesson AND Dance   only $10